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//4 Reasons Nonprofits Are Turning To Outsourced Accounting To Achieve A Long-Term, Scalable, and Sustainable Global Impact

4 Reasons Nonprofits Are Turning To Outsourced Accounting To Achieve A Long-Term, Scalable, and Sustainable Global Impact

nonprofit outsourced accounting services

Likely, its personnel costs are at least 15% higher for full-time equivalents. Therefore, in order to make a profit, its personnel must work smarter and faster, eliminating much of the time spent by internal personnel that doesn’t deliver a direct benefit. Her volunteer experience has given her a solid understanding of how nonprofits work and the challenges they face, from obtaining funding and operating with limited budgets to ensuring compliance and transparency.

  • NFP Partners discusses how your nonprofit organization can effectively prepare, review, and project future financial changes.
  • We’ll partner with you to automate key accounting processes and create forward-looking plans that make your future feel less uncertain.
  • Our Manhattan CPA Firm Firm can estimate the value of a business for litigation, insurance needs, a merger, or a buy-sell agreement.
  • Learn how we recovered $100,000 in grant money for one client by getting them a higher indirect cost rate.
  • She uses both perspectives, as a participant and an accounting professional, to better serve her clients.
  • Our Manhattan, NY CPA Firm offers an array of outsourced controllership and CFO services designed to advance small businesses to the next level.

As a small business owner, chances are you have limited time to devote to maintaining your books and a budget that doesn’t allow for hiring an in-house accountant. At Goldenthal & Suss Consulting, P.C., our affordable outsourced accounting solutions are the answer to relieving the stress of small business financial management. We offer everything you need from accounts payable and receivables, to general ledger maintenance, balance sheets, tax filings, and much more.

Tax Services

This rate increases based on the complexity of your accounting, number of bank and credit card accounts, etc. For an accurate estimate of monthly costs for your situation, connect with an advisor to speak more about your specific situation. Clearly, the subject of payroll taxes involves plenty of moving parts and covers a wide range of accounting knowledge. A U.S.-based international CPA can draw on expertise in all of these areas when advising you on your unique business setup.

We’ve seen reporting fall to the wayside of many nonprofit organizations. This could be because of a simple lack of resources to run the reports or not knowing which ones to run and why they are important. Internal controls ensure the proper flow of information into the accounting system for accurate financial statements.

Staff Accountant Intern – Bellevue

But when you’re trying to paste together your numbers with a part-time bookkeeper or a volunteer accountant, it’s nearly impossible to get the transparency you need to run your nonprofit organization. When you walk alongside The Charity CFO, you pay just a flat fee every month for everything from bookkeeping to financial reporting to expert advice. Schedule a call with us to talk more about your organization and receive a custom proposal. We’ll dig into your current processes and accounting structure and help you find new tools or reports that make your life easier. And we’ll implement solutions that are supported by the best technology, highly efficient, and 100% compliant with nonprofit best practices.

We have experience working with an array of companies, and that allows us to leverage industry knowledge to help nonprofits become more efficient at their financial reporting,” said Hayes. There are many reasons nonprofit organizations are moving to outsourced accounting services (OAS). The one most cited by top managers of fast-growth organizations is being able to focus on the mission, programs, and fundraising while having the assurance that finances are being competently managed. With millions of nonprofits registered with the IRS, the demand for cost-effective, specialized solutions is significant.

How are federal payroll taxes paid?

We also keep up with new regulations and available funding (and guidance on using it) to ensure top service. Mission Edge has been one of our most critical partners as a young what is outsourced accounting company. Every interaction with them has improved us, from guiding us through successful accounting practices to ensuring that we have robust Human Resource offerings.

nonprofit outsourced accounting services

The Charity CFO brought expertise about finances, a quickness to understand our books and our practices, and helped us standardize reporting practices. I saw very quickly the value of their partnership to both save us a great deal of money and empower me to realize my vision. Your IRS Form 990 isn’t just a form; it’s a window into your nonprofit’s operations.

We can help you minimize your tax obligation and save money through strategic tax planning. We can also assist negotiate tax settlements with the IRS including offers in compromise and installment agreements. This means you’ll always get continuous service, no matter how complex or minor your accounting needs are. Let’s schedule a discovery meeting so we can discuss your needs and confirm there’s a fit. Schedule a call to talk to us about the unique accounting and reporting needs of your organization. And with our team there to support you, you’ll gain the confidence to think creatively, act decisively, and guide your organization to become the best version of itself.

nonprofit outsourced accounting services

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